Pillow Pets Scented Buddies - Cotton Candy Unicorn - Flossie 16"

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Flossie is both friend and pillow, which can be very handy. She loves to sing and dance around and smells like cotton candy!
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Flossie Unicorn has the delicious smell of cotton candy ready to indulge in all of its fluffy sweetness.  The flowing mane and matching tail make this a whimsical and delightful scented gift for any occasion!  The Cotton Candy Scented pink Unicorn Pillow Pet is perfect for playtime, sleep time, or anytime.  Sweet Scented Pillow Pets are surface washable and feature subtle, long-lasting scent patches.

It's a Pillow, it's a Pet, it's a Pillow Pet! Snuggle me and Sleep on me. All the Cuddly Pillow Pets live in the magical world of Pillow Petlandia. Some Pillow Pets live on Sweet Scented Street and have their own yummy smells, which makes them even more fun to cuddle.


  • Soft Plush
  • Durable Velcro folding mechanism
  • Each character has a unique underbelly printed fabric
  • Cotton Candy Scent
  • Embroidered eyes
  • Authenticity Badge
  • Print your own adoption certificate

Recommended for ages 3+
Collect them all!!!

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