How to identify Original Pillow Pets™ DreamLites™ Products in Australia

Three important tips to ensure you are purchasing an authentic Pillow Pets™ DreamLites™ tested and approved for Australian quality and safety standards:

1. Look out for our original stamp on the product label.

My Pillow Pets Original Logo

2. Ensure the Pillow Pet™ label is sewn on one of your Pillow Pets™ DreamLites™ back feet and the DreamLites™ label is sewn on the other back foot of your Pillow Pets™ DreamLites™.  There will also be a sewn in logo label referencing ©Funtastic Limited and a white care instructions label coming out from the back of the product.

Pillow Pets Tag      DreamLites tag      Pillow Pets tag 2

3. Authentic  Packaging for Pillow Pets™ DreamLites™ in Australia should look as per the below and will include an 8 page folded Instruction Guide.

DreamLites Box FrontDreamLites Box back  DreamLites Back Panel